Field texture qualifier


Date created: 2020-07-09
Date modified: 2020-07-09

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The non-clay field texture grades (clay loams and coarser) may be qualified according to whether they are at, or near, the light (lower clay content) or heavy (higher clay content) end of the range for that particular field texture grade. Note that clay field texture grades provide for light and heavy qualifiers in the clays and hence – and + are not required. If the soils are appreciably organic, they are qualified as Sapric or Fibric. These codes are given after the field texture. For example, light sandy clay loam is coded SCL–, heavy sandy clay loam is coded SCL+, and fibric sandy loam is coded SLI. It is strongly recommended that qualifiers only be used where considered essential. If too freely used, it can lead to excessive, unnecessary detail of doubtful usefulness.

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