Queensland CORVEG Database Vocabularies

This website presents the controlled vocabularies of the Queensland CORVEG database in human-readable form (HTML) as well as Linked Data.

Queensland CORVEG Database

Study locations across Queensland have been visited since 1982 to collect data on physical and vegetation features, including structural and floristic attributes well as descriptions of its landscape, soil and geologic features. The resulting site database provides a comprehensive record of areas ground-truthed during the regional ecosystems mapping process and a basis for future updating of mapping or other relevant work such as species modelling. The CORVEG study locations are primarily used for ground-truthing and validating of Regional Ecosystems (RE) mapping, and describing and classifying vegetation mapping units. Only validated CORVEG data is made publicly available and all records of confidential taxa have been masked from the dataset.

This is a website created by TERN's Data Services and Analytics team in partnership with the Department of Environment and Science.

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The entire data in this system is available for download in a serialised RDF format.

The data can also be viewed at vocabulary or concept level as RDF.

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